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    We have a professional R & D, design team, and constantly develop new products to meet your different needs!

  • Zhejiang PARKnSHOP OPERATING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. Is located in the "Xiaohua Industrial Zone" under the "China Education Capital". Since the creation of the company always adhere to the "leading technology, innovation on the" principle

  • The company has its own mold design, research and development centers, customers can also request the development of new products. Quality environmental protection, favored by domestic and foreign tourists

  • Baixia people willing to accumulate the director of the 100, the amount of 100 good for the children to create a new world of entertainment, the benefit of mankind and common progress.

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    Playground safety knowledge
    1. Check whether the location of the play facilities has a valid "safety inspection" mark, otherwise you should refuse to ride.2. Read the "Tourist Information" at the entrance carefully, understand the rules of the game, and be aware of it.3. Check the seat in the seat of the seat...

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    Introduction: Quality requirements for kindergarten slides
    Now the state of the kindergarten slide quality requirements are very strict, so the requirements of different parts of the material is different, the following Xiaobian to tell you about it! The top part and the baffle and the slide are the main part of the kindergarten slid...

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    Pokka small doctor teach you how to pick kindergarten toys?
    Children's toys - growing partners, eternal themes, intellectual toys. The development of children's intelligence, exercise the child's hands-on ability, give the children a never-ending happy childhood. So how to pick kindergarten toys? Xiaobian for everyone to summarize the fol...

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    Introduction to desktop toys
    The so-called desktop toys, whether children or adult, as the name suggests can let us play in the process of developing intelligence to enhance the wisdom of toys.FeaturesDevelop intelligenceStrictly speaking, desktop toys should be divided into children's desktop toys and adult desk...

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    BJ17085A happy mushroom house

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    BJ17086A magic tree

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