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Playground safety knowledge

Date:[2017-07-26]     Hits:

1. Check whether the location of the play facilities has a valid "safety inspection" mark, otherwise you should refuse to ride.

2. Read the "Tourist Information" at the entrance carefully, understand the rules of the game, and be aware of it.

3. Check the seat in the seat of the seat belt or safety bar, Fu (handle) hand is complete, solid. If not please use the service staff to help.

4. Do not carry fire and dangerous goods into the amusement facilities; on the rotation, rolling, high-speed amusement facilities, should be easy to drop items such as coins, handbags, mobile phones, glasses and so placed; And the foot of the object.

5. Self-operated taxiing facilities should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the provisions of the route, the middle can not stop should be prohibited halfway pause (such as slide and water slide).

6. When riding, must be tied (wear) good safety device, the operation is absolutely not allowed to unlock their own, do not move in the seat after sitting, do not put the body out of the cockpit or standing. Handrails should grab the handrail with both hands. Operation is not allowed to scattered out, throwing items.

7. Do not allow yourself to drive out of the cockpit until the amusement facility is not completely stopped or the staff member is not notified.


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