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Explain: the literature of the autumn records

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The use of swing is the game equipment, the long rope on the shelf, under the pedal board, people with the pedal back and forth swing. Here to tell you about the autumn of the relevant literature records it!

Swing is a lot of races on the Chinese mainland. According to the existing literature, it originated from the pre-Qin.

Swing "ancient and modern art map," said: "This (swing) north of the mountain Rong of the play, to learn light (agile) who." (See Qing Zhai Hao "popular series" Volume 31) Shan Rong is a ancient north Minority, territoriality In today's Beijing and its surrounding areas, the swing was originally a tool for military training. Spring and Autumn Five Pa's first Qi Huanong soldiers defeated the mountain Rong, the territory was assigned to Yan, the swing also will be spread south, and later gradually evolved into a game of utensils.


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