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Introduction: Quality requirements for kindergarten slides

Date:[2017-07-26]     Hits:

Now the state of the kindergarten slide quality requirements are very strict, so the requirements of different parts of the material is different, the following Xiaobian to tell you about it!

      The top part and the baffle and the slide are the main part of the kindergarten slide. The material adopts imported engineering plastic. In order to achieve the strength, smoothness, elasticity, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance and no fading effect. Thus infiltrating the anti-UV agent and preventing bleaching elements.

Steel parts using galvanized steel pipe, the surface of the use of plastic powder by double-layer spray treatment, high temperature curing, anti-ultraviolet. But also to achieve a smooth, not rusty purpose.

     Wood parts to achieve easy to wear, easy to crack, not easy to deformation, it must be hard wood, and dry. The same time as

     Rope-like parts must be durable and smooth in surface.


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